What Does a Day at Holiday Care Look Like?

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You’ve just booked in your child/ren for some school holiday fun at TeamKids! But, what does a typical day at vacation care actually look like?

Our school holiday program offerings vary from day to day depending on the experience planned (excursion, incursion, or in-house day), but there’s a few things that always stay the same:


The start of the day gives your child time for free play, while the Coordinator and Educators greet and sign everyone into the service. They may choose to play with toys, board games, read, draw, or chat with their friends during this time.

Once everyone has arrived and has been signed in, the Coordinator will go through the day’s adventures with the group. This could be an excursion, incursion, or in-house day + additional activities.

Morning and Afternoon Tea

TeamKids provides a healthy, nutritious morning and afternoon tea each day at vacation care. This could include: seasonal fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, crackers, dips and more. We usually aim to enjoy morning tea around 10AM and afternoon tea around 3PM, but this does depend on the day’s activities.


Like at school, each child is required to bring their own lunch and refillable water bottle to vacation care. TeamKids encourages families to pack their children healthy food options to give them the energy they need to play all day! We usually aim to enjoy lunch together around 12PM-1PM, but this depends on the day’s activities too.


TeamKids has heaps of activities on offer each day, whether your child is interested in sport, art, STEM, or more – we’ve got you covered!

Packing Up and Home Time

The group will work together to clean and pack up the service area to get it ready for the next day. Around 4PM is when children will start to be picked up to go home for the day. The children staying longer will be engaged with quieter activities like board games, cards, drawing, LEGO, and more.

What about the different experience types?

Excursion Days

On excursion days, TeamKids will take the children to an external venue for some FUN! The group will travel to and from the external venue on a private coach. Our school holiday flyers and booking system will detail where the children are going on any given day. For example, they may visit the cinemas, a play centre, a museum, a trampoline park, and more.

Incursion Days

On incursion days, an external incursion provider will visit the children onsite and run an EXCITING workshop. Our school holiday flyers and booking system will detail what incursion will be run at your service on any given day. The incursion may be arts, sports, STEM, cooking or drama-based.

In-House Days

On in-house days, the children will be engaged in a variety of themed activities and games run by the TeamKids staff onsite.

We can’t wait to see you at TeamKids these school holidays! Let the FUN begin!

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