What do my Children do at Before and After School Care?

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Whether you’re new to using Out of School Hours Care (or you’re still considering it), or a regular user you might find yourself wondering: what exactly happens at Before and After School Care?

Each service is a little different but they are all required to display their program of activities and menu for families to see. Check out your OSHC to find out any specifics for your service, but you can expect some common routines at most Before and After School Care services.


To help make your morning routine easier and to ensure children are sent off to school with full tummies, most Before School Care services make breakfast for the children. Breakfast is usually served as the children arrive at the service and there’s typically a choice of foods to cater for all needs. You can expect the food to be nutritious too.

Activities in the morning are usually low-key as people are arriving at a range of different times. Children can engage in reading, construction play, dress-ups, art and craft and similar activities. Some children might complete their homework or simply chat with their friends.

When it’s time for school, children are signed out by the staff and head off to class (Prep children are taken to class by a staff member).


After School Care starts with getting everyone signed in, and then it’s time for food. Afternoon tea is typically provided by the service and children can choose from a range of nutritious and delicious foods. Once that’s out of the way, it’s time to have some fun.


Activities at After School Care range from sports and games, to music and craft. The OSHC service writes a program of activities in advance and each day will involve a unique offering.

As well as the schedule of programmed events, services also offer activities that children can participate in at any time, on any given day. This might include dress-ups, construction play, reading, board games or drawing.

Sometimes an external provider will visit the service to teach a sport or new skill, or there may be specialised clubs the children can participate in. Each service offers a program based on the needs and interests of the children who go there.


Of course, at either Before or After School Care you can expect your children to be having fun hanging out with their friends. It’s a very social place and children enjoy the opportunity to play and chat with their friends outside of the classroom setting. They’ll also be involved in the running of the service and might be responsible for helping to set up, clean away or pack up activities.

Both services are full of fun options and plenty of choices for your children. Most importantly, they’ll be having fun and keeping safe in a friendly and supportive environment.

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