Sharing the Art of Letter Writing

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When was the last time you received a letter that wasn’t a bill? It’s safe to say letter writing is a thing of the past and in this age of instant messaging and mobile phones might even be something your child has never experienced for themselves.

Letter writing is not only fun, but it is also great writing practise and gives your child plenty of time to work on their neatest handwriting.

You can keep the art of letter writing alive with your child by:


Create a space at home or in the classroom where your child can write letters whenever they want to. This might be a dedicated desk or just a box of supplies that can be moved around to wherever is needed. Include sheets of paper, envelopes, pens, and postage stamps as well as items for decorating letters like stickers, stamps, and colourful tape.


To start with, write letters to relatives who live interstate, overseas or even just in another suburb. It’s a fun way to stay connected and start the letter-writing process. Encourage them to write back as well so everyone receives some mail.

Only have relatives who live in the same suburb as you? Why not write them a letter and pop it in their post box just like you’re the postie? If that’s not possible you could even start just by writing letters to the people who live in your house. Write notes to each other and slide them under bedroom doors or make your letterboxes out of cardboard boxes.


Once your child is serious about letter writing you could find them a pen pal who is based in another state or even another country through Global PenFriends or reach out to friends who might be able to put you in touch with someone suitable.

Letter writing is a lot of fun. You can keep the art of letter writing alive with your child by encouraging them to write letters to family, friends, or someone entirely new. And, who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to pick up a pen and write a letter too.

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