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We’re TeamKids, your go-to for the best Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) programs in Australia! We’ve got some exciting news to share… we’ve made our TV debut!

Exploring Industry Leaders

We’re featured on the latest episode of the TV show, ‘Industry Leaders.’ It’s a show that travels around Australia to share stories behind innovative businesses that are shaping their industry – and now, TeamKids is one of them!

If you’re curious to learn more about TeamKids’ extraordinary approach to OSHC and see the team in action, this TV appearance is a must-watch.

Behind the Scenes

The episode takes you on a unique journey through TeamKids’ world, featuring our Holy Rosary School program and VIC Head Office. It offers an insightful peek behind the scenes, allowing you to discover what makes TeamKids stand out in the OSHC space.

TeamKids’ Approach to OSHC

What sets TeamKids apart from the rest? We’ve achieved wide success against the National Quality Framework set by ACECQA. Currently, 100% of our programs are ‘Meeting’ or ‘Exceeding’ National Quality Standards, beating Australia’s national average (89%) for all OSHC providers by 11% (Q2, 2023).

Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment

TeamKids offers your children a safe and supportive environment where they thrive. The TV episode features just some of our amazing After School Care offerings including:

  • Yummy Snacks
  • Art Attack & Cooking Club
  • Fun Zones & Games
  • Screen Free Fun

Also, it showcases some of our passionate staff who help make it all happen. You’ll meet:

  • Founding Director: Sam Hoath
  • CEO: James Taylor
  • Head of Sales and Partnerships: Tim Tankard
  • Quality & Compliance Officer: Laura Fittipaldi


Watch the Episode

Our episode is just a click away! You can watch it here:

We’d like to thank the staff and children at Holy Rosary School for making the filming extra special.

Want to Join In?

Book your child in for some unforgettable experiences at one of our many programs here:

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