Keeping Children Safe this Swimming Season

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As we head into the warmer months of the year it’s a perfect time for a swim in the pool, a visit to the beach or a dip in a river or dam. As our children spend more time around water it’s important to consider ways we can keep our children safe around water.


No matter their age, children can learn how to swim. Enrolling your child in a swim class run by a qualified professional can teach them how to stay safe around water. From a young age, swim instructors teach children how to get to the edge of the pool and climb out if they ever fall in. Older children learn how to swim laps of the pool, so they can really enjoy their time in the water, and you can relax a little bit too.


Some schools or holiday care programs offer excursions to the local pool. While there is staff to child ratios they must adhere to during this activity, it’s still worthwhile asking how your child will be monitored during the excursion. This is particularly relevant if your child is not a strong swimmer or is afraid of the water.


Make sure you have eyes on your child at all times when they are swimming, even if they are a little older. It can be tempting to send a quick email on your phone or check social media while your child is happily splashing around but don’t risk it. Make sure your child is actively supervised at all times.


The more time you spend around water, the more confident your child will be. Make time to visit the pool or beach regularly so your child can practise their swimming skills, even if they do go to regular swimming lessons.

Summer is the perfect time for long days at the beach and pool. Keep your child safe by teaching them how to swim, allowing them to practise their swimming skills, and making sure they are actively supervised at all times. In a country with such a warm climate, swimming is a skill for life.

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