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TeamKids partners with The Stand-Up Project (SUP) to reduce discrimination, harassment and bullying in schools.

In a concerted effort to tackle discrimination, harassment, and bullying in schools, TeamKids has joined forces with The Stand-Up Project (SUP), an innovative initiative founded by Dr. Zach Greig, boasting two decades of experience in community empowerment.

The Stand-Up Project (SUP) is a peer-led training program designed for primary and secondary school students, educators, and parents, aimed at empowering young people to be active bystanders to poor behaviour. Grounded in peer-reviewed research and proven efficacy, SUP equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and address inappropriate behaviours while maintaining friendships and not ‘cancelling’ anyone for making mistakes. Overall, the program aims to take a community response to fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect.

Dr. Zach Greig, the visionary behind SUP, emphasises the critical role of bystanders in addressing bullying, citing research that underscores the profound benefits of peer intervention on the wellbeing of young people. With SUP, students learn about the bystander effect, explore the drivers and consequences of poor behaviour, and develop their own strategies to support peers effectively.

According to statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2022), one in three young people experiences bullying, discrimination, or harassment in Australian schools, highlighting the urgent need for proactive measures to address this issue. The detrimental effects of such behaviours on the mental health and academic performance of young people underscore the importance of initiatives like SUP in creating safe and supportive learning environments.

The SUP program operates on a comprehensive five-session framework, encompassing foundational knowledge training, class plan development, and practice, as well as interactive sessions for parents and teachers. Crucially, student leaders play a central role in delivering these sessions, leveraging their insights and experiences to facilitate meaningful discussions and activities.

Key outcomes of the SUP program include increased awareness of bullying dynamics, enhanced bystander intervention skills, and improved school culture characterized by student voice and agency. In the short term, participants report heightened feelings of safety and peer support, while the program’s medium-term goals aim to reduce the prevalence of bullying incidents over time.

As schools embrace the SUP program as part of their broader efforts to promote respectful relationships and positive behaviour, TeamKids and The Stand-Up Project remain steadfast in their commitment to empowering young individuals and fostering inclusive school communities.

For more information about SUP and its impact, visit TeamKids’ website or contact The Stand-Up Project directly.

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