Integrating Your OSHC Provider into the School Community

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Your OSHC provider offers an important service to your school. When you integrate them well into the school community, the benefits are numerous.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased safety for the students at your school
  • Higher utilisation of the service
  • Enhance feelings of inclusion and wellbeing

Here are some ways you can seamlessly integrate your OSHC provider into your school community:


Allowing your OSHC provider to have a small section of your regular school newsletter is a great way to keep your school community informed about what’s happening. Providing information about the activities on offer in upcoming weeks can create more bookings for the service and helps to promote the idea that it’s a fun place to be. Even families that don’t utilise the service will enjoy reading what the children get up to before and after school and during the school holidays.


Leading up to the holidays is a great time for your OSHC provider to address the school at assembly. Create excitement for the school holiday program early and watch the booking numbers increase.

You could also invite the service staff to attend the school assembly regularly as guests. It reinforces the idea that they are part of the school community and means that the whole school is familiar with the staff who work there. You could even ask your OSHC staff to hand out an award or thank them for their hard work at special assemblies.


If your school has an annual open day, let your OSHC provider be part of it. Having an Out of School Hours Care service is an asset to your school. When selecting a school for their children, many families now look for a Before and After School service. Having OSHC staff available to talk with parents and carers at Prep Information Sessions is also a great way to help the transition to school easier and less stressful for families.


Invite OSHC staff to P&C meetings to help strengthen the relationship between the service, school staff and families. The OSHC service is an important part of your school and the staff that work there will meet many of your school’s families and students.

They may have innovative ideas for fundraising or concerns about safety that other people may not have considered.

Integrating your OSHC provider into your school helps build strong community bonds and creates positive outcomes for all involved.

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