How to Assess Quality Before and After School Care in Just 10 Seconds

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When choosing before and after school care, you want to make sure you’re getting a good quality service. While you may think it’s a difficult task to assess just how good an OSHC service is, you can actually do it in just 10 seconds.

Here’s how:

Are you greeted when you walk in?

The first thing that should happen when you walk into an OSHC service is you should be greeted by a staff member. This might be as much as a chat in the doorway, or just a simple smile from across the room. When staff acknowledge people as they come into a room it tells you a lot about their supervision skills. They know what’s going on around them, including who is entering and leaving, and that means your children are far more likely to be safe in their care.

It just feels right

It’s hard to put a handle on just what it means for a place to feel right, but you sure know it when you feel it. When you walk into an OSHC service it should be welcoming, bright and full of happy children. If it’s not you have to ask yourself: why?

The facilities and space are appropriate

You can go a step beyond a general ‘right’ feeling and take a look at the facilities and space with a more critical eye. Are there different areas for children to play or relax in? Are there plenty of equipment and materials to keep children engaged and facilitate that fun we keep talking about? Scan your surroundings and see if they appear to be adequate.

Children are having fun

While you’re taking a look at the facilities, also have a quick look around and see what the children are doing. They should be having fun. Sure, there might be a lot going on, but among it all should be children playing, chatting and laughing. It’s what OSHC is all about.

It’s easy to see that in just a few seconds you can have a really good idea of the quality of the Before and After School service you’re standing it. Try it out and see if you can assess your OSHC in just 10 short seconds using the tips above.

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