Helping your Kids with their Homework

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Some schools set a lot of homework each week while others only set a small amount. Each school and year level will offer something different in terms of what needs to be completed and it’s not always easy trying to fit it in among the rest of the after-school activities.

If getting your child to complete their homework each day is a chore, here are some tips on how to make it a little easier.

Have a dedicated homework space

Having a place in the house where your child can sit to complete their homework is an important step in ensuring it actually gets done. This can be a desk in their bedroom or a section of the dining room table which is always kept free. Just ensure you have all the pencils and stationery you need on hand in a tin or pencil case so homework tasks can be completed with minimal fuss.

Get it done in the morning

If it’s a battle to get your child to do their homework at night, have them complete it in the morning instead. Sometimes this simple transition is enough to eradicate the battles around homework tasks as children are more likely to feel fresh and alert in the mornings. Just be mindful of the rest of your morning routine though and make sure you leave enough time for the other tasks that need to be completed before you head out the door.

Have a homework routine

Completing homework at the same time each day means it’s less likely to be forgotten about. It then becomes part of the morning or evening routine and your child knows what is expected of them, cutting down on the battles.

Keep reading fun

Reading is always part of the homework routine, but it doesn’t need to be completed in the same way as other homework tasks. Keep reading fun by reading in the car, in the backyard, in bed or at the park. Include a range of different texts, not just the school reader, in your child’s reading time as well. Developing a life-long love of reading comes through exposure to different materials and showing that reading is an enjoyable activity beyond the confines of school work.

Getting your child to do their homework each day can seem like a real chore. But if you have a dedicated time and place to complete it and keep reading as fun as possible, your child will be sure to get it done in no time.

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