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Ebony loves how easy it is for her daughter Ella to participate in a TeamKids’ holiday program – especially as she works part time.

“I also love looking at what excursions are happening, and Ella can choose what ones she wants to do,” Ebony said.

The decision to use TeamKids holiday program was an easy one for Ebony because it was right there at Ella’s school and they were already familiar with the OSHC service. The transition from school time to holidays was easy for them due to the familiar environment and already knowing some of the staff working at the holiday program.

“It works well as my daughter already knows them and has a good relationship with them.”

Ebony found out about the TeamKids holiday program via her daughter’s school newsletter and through the staff at the school OSHC program. She had no reservations about choosing TeamKids and didn’t even look at competitor services. She knew her daughter would be happy at the TeamKids holiday program, saying her daughter’s happiness was more important to her than price anyway.

“My daughter is at ease participating at TeamKids, the staff are fantastic and always happy to help.”

If your family is on the lookout for a quality school holiday program, Ebony thinks you should definitely consider TeamKids and see if it’s a good fit for your children. She thinks parents will feel at ease though knowing their child has access to great staff, awesome excursions, good value for money, great locations and the opportunity to make new friends.

Ebony says you should give TeamKids a try.

“Your children will love it and ask to go again and again and again,” she says.

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