Caroline, Zoe and Caitlyn

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Caroline was looking for holiday fun for her girls while she went to work when she found TeamKids holiday programs. She knew exactly what she was looking for too.

“Somewhere that cared, and staff that wanted to be there,” Caroline said.

Originally choosing the holiday program at her daughter’s school, Caroline felt under-whelmed by the experience and decided it was time to look for a different service provider instead.

“I wanted somewhere that they could have fun and really enjoy their day, as it was their holiday!”

Caroline chose TeamKids over other providers as a friend of hers had already had a great experience at one of the holiday programs. She decided to give it a go.

“It was a bit more expensive – but the outcome so much better!” she said.

In making the change, Caroline saw many improvements to both her and her daughters’ experience of attending a holiday program, as well as a great improvement to everyone’s happiness levels.

“My girls were excited and happy to attend! Staff are always attentive, happy and positive! My girls are happy!”

If your family is considering TeamKids holiday programs, Caroline says you’ll find great staff as well as lots of fun and laughs to be had for your children there.

“Do it. You won’t regret it. My children loved it!”

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