Building Excitement about Attending a School Holiday Program

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The school holidays are a chance for children to relax and recharge after a busy school term. Sometimes the focus for children is simply getting through the term, rather than what happens at the end of it. Creating a sense of anticipation about your school holiday program can help boost your booking numbers and ease the anxiety of children who will be attending for the first time.

Here are some ways you can build excitement about your school holiday program:

Advertise the program

Nobody can get excited about your school holiday program if they don’t know about it. Once the program of activities is finalised, make sure you share it as far and wide as you can. Include a copy in the newsletter of the school you are based in (if relevant) and the surrounding schools in the area who may utilise the service as well. Place copies at the local library, on community noticeboards and on social media so that everyone is aware of what is happening at your service. Once children know what activities and excursions are on offer, they can start to get excited about it.

Count down the days

Counting down the days is a fun way to help build excitement about anything, so why not count down until the school holidays? If you run a Before and After School Care service, count down with the children there. See if you can place a count-down on the school noticeboard or electronic signage, or at the local sports centre so the whole community can join in. Otherwise, just pop a big sign on the door of your service and keep a countdown there, just like you would in the lead up to Christmas.

Offer a preview of an activity

Are you offering a unique or different activity for your school holiday program? Can you offer children a preview before the holidays arrive to help get them excited about it? It might be a mini-art activity, a sport or game, or a themed After School Care session to get everyone in the mood for what’s to come. If you have an externally based holiday program, why not ask the local school if you can come and run a lunchtime activity or take something fun in to show on school assembly?

Building excitement about your school holiday is a fun way to get everyone ready for the school holidays, and to boost your booking numbers too.

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