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Barbara works part-time, and her husband works full-time and don’t have family nearby so when it comes to the school holidays, they need to find care for Maya that suits their working hours.

Maya joined another holiday providers program, and their experience was terrible. They found the companies organisation poor, the fees higher, terrible customer service and they tended to cancel activities at the last minute, which was very frustrating for Maya as she had been looking forward to the day.

Barbara and Maya were frustrated by their experience, so Barbara posted on a closed Facebook page in her local area asking for recommendations from other families. Many of the responses she received recommended that she looks at what TeamKids had to offer. She also spoke with families at her local school, and again, the recommendation was to consider TeamKids.

When the next school holidays rolled around, Barbara enrolled Maya at a TeamKids venue, and their experience was positive right from the start. Her husband dropped Maya off on the first day, and Maya was sticking pretty close. When it was time for her husband to leave for work, Maya had started interacting with the educators, was happy to leave Dad and felt safe. Barbara’s husband left the venue knowing that Maya was in good hands for the day.

After attending TeamKids regularly, Barbara noticed a change in Maya’s choices of what she wanted to do during the school holidays. Instead of attending local gymnastic or art classes, her preference was to join TeamKids. Maya even stopped wanting to stay over at her Auntie’s during the holidays as it meant she’d miss the good things happening at TeamKids.

Now when the next holiday program is released, we sit down together and choose which activities she wants to attend. Sometimes she will even choose to do the same activity twice at two different venues. She gets excited about the activities and more importantly, she LOVES the food and being able to help make her own snacks. My daughter is addicted to TeamKids.

One of the standout moments for me was when Maya had a broken arm within a plaster cast. TeamKids was the only company to accommodate, it was handled really positively by customer service, and when she attended, every effort was made to ensure Maya could still actively engage in all the experiences. Even break-dancing!

Knowing that Maya is engaged and happy during the school holidays is a huge relief for us. However, it’s not only Maya that enjoys TeamKids, “I’ve found the booking system effortless; enquiries are easy, and the price is reasonable.”

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