7 awesome present ideas for your OSHC educators

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As the end of the year creeps ever closer, it’s time to think about presents for the people

who teach and support your child. This is often more than just your child’s classroom teacher. You might be purchasing presents for sports coaches, music teachers, teacher aides and librarians. If your child spends some time at OSHC each week you might also be thinking about organising a present or two for the staff who work, there.

You want a present that’s affordable and easy to organise but also something meaningful. Plus, you want to make sure you’re not just adding to the pile of chocolates and scented moisturisers that’re likely to pile up on educators’ desks at this time of year.

To make life a little easier, we’ve come up with seven simple gift ideas for the teachers and supporters in your child’s life.


Nothing says thank you like something your OSHC educator can keep forever. Order a personalised keepsake that they can hang on their Christmas tree, or have your child make one. Don’t forget to include their name and the year so they’ll remember your child for many years to come. You can find these online here or you can click here.


Commemorate the year with a photo of your child and their OSHC educator or coordinator at a memorial event. Perhaps they dressed up together, competed at a sporting event or created some art together. Dig through your photos for the year and print out your favourite and have it printed on a small canvas here, you can click here or here for more info.


Do you know your sports coach or OSHC coordinator’s favourite sweets? Buy a simple decorative jar and fill it up with their sugary treat of choice. They won’t even need to share them over the Christmas holidays!


For a truly unique present, have your child make a piece of art or write a poem. Pop it in a simple frame and give it as a truly personalised and meaningful gift, straight from the heart.


There’s nothing your child’s music teacher or OSHC educator will love more than being able to buy their present. Complete a bit of sleuth work and find out their favourite shop, then purchase a gift card for a value you can afford, even if it’s only a small amount. They’ll love the thoughtful gesture and enjoy shopping in their own time over the Christmas holidays.


Educators sure do use a lot of stationery. There’re many places online (such as here) where you can purchase personalised stamps or stickers for educators to use during lessons or OSHC.


Forgo the usual bunch of flowers for a small plant or terrarium. It’s a gift that can take up permanent residence at your educator’s home or on their desk for all to see and enjoy.

No matter what you decide on, your child’s coach, educator or OSHC staff member will truly love the thought and effort that goes into selecting their gift. It’s the perfect opportunity to say thank you for a year of fun and support.

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