5 Ways to Strengthen your Relationship with your Child

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Building a strong relationship with your child helps both of you in many ways. Knowing you are there for your child means they will come to you with problems and seek you out when they need comfort. A loving and trusting relationship with your child is something that will last right through into adulthood.

You can help strengthen the bond between you and your child in these simple ways:


Cooking dinner or baking together is a great way to build a strong connection with your child. Not only do you need to work closely together but you always share the satisfaction that comes from making something for others to enjoy. Share some special recipes or look up some new ones together.


Connect in nature while you walk, ride, roller skate, skateboard or run together – whatever activity you both enjoy. It’s a good opportunity to get active and gives you time to talk and bond over the shared experience.


As adults, we sometimes forget the benefits play can bring us. Take some time out from rushing around to simply play a game with your child. Let them choose what it is and give yourself over to the simple fun of it. It could be a board game, card game, video game or something as simple as hide-and-seek.


Reading books together is a great way to bond. Picture books are great fun for children of any age, but you can share the joy of reading chapter books with older children too. Simply read one page out loud each and then stop at the end of the chapter for a chat about what’s been happening and what you think will happen next. Visit the local library together to pick new books when you’ve exhausted the collection at home.


Sometimes just being there for your child is enough. Put down the phone, stop completing other tasks and be present as your child tells you about their day – and tell them about yours too. You could even visit a café together and chat while you enjoy a hot chocolate or milkshake to make the time even more special. Taking the time to strengthen your bond with your child can have many benefits for both you and them. Do some cooking together, play a game, get out into nature, read books, or have a real chat as a way to connect and spend some quality time together.

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