5 Reasons You’ve Outgrown Your OSHC Job

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Working in OSHC is a rewarding and often challenging experience that can lead to a long, fulfilling career. If you’re finding yourself bored by your current role or no longer wanting to turn up to work each day, it might be time to consider whether you have outgrown your current OSHC job.

Here are five reasons why it might be time to move on:

1.   There’s no room for promotion

If you want to aim high, or already have a career progression in mind, there needs to be room for growth at your place of employment. If you’re working at a small OSHC centre that’s run by a school or small organisation, there just might not be an opportunity to take on a role with more responsibility. Consider a position with a larger organisation that has space you can move into as you grow and learn.

2.   Professional development options are lacking

To grow in your career, you need to be continually learning. If your organisation or employer isn’t offering you the opportunity to undertake professional development opportunities it can put a damper on your experience. If you want to take on the extra study, such as completing a University degree or other tertiary qualification, will your current employee be able to support this? It’s worth finding out.

3.   The company doesn’t value you as an employee

You should feel valued and important in your role and as part of a larger team of employees. Not feeling valued can leave you feeling exhausted by the general day-to-day of your work and certainly doesn’t inspire you to do anything beyond the work necessities. If this is the case, things are unlikely to improve. It might be best to start looking for a company that will appreciate what you do.

4.   Your salary hasn’t changed for awhile

Many OSHC positions are covered under a workplace Award which sets fair rates for employment. However, organisations are free to pay above these rates if they wish. Also, your pay rate should change if you take on a role with a higher level of responsibility. If you’re not being paid what your worth, you should look elsewhere.

5.   You count down until home time

It’s true, you’re not always going to love your job, but you should at least like it. You spend a lot of time at work and if the spark has gone out (and is looking like it won’t be returning anytime soon) it might be time to start looking for something new.

Working in OSHC is fun and rewarding when you’re working in the right role with the right organisation. If you’ve noticed yourself watching the clock, feeling undervalued or not being paid what you’re worth it might be time to look for a role and boss who will truly value what you do.

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