5 Reasons Why Kids Love Holiday Programs

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The school holidays should be a fun time for kids, full of making memories and hanging out with their friends and family.

As parents we often think of holiday programs as just being a service, we need to utilise during the school holiday period. But they’re so much more than that! Holiday programs are fun and engaging: a place our kids want to be at.

Here’s why:

They get to hang out with their friends

It’s the number one thing kids want to do in the school holidays – hang out with their friends. Who can blame them? Holiday programs offer a safe and fun environment for kids to be social and spend some quality time with their favourite people, without the formal setting of a classroom environment.


School holiday programs usually offer excursions, and they are a big draw card for many children. What could be better than going to the movies, the pool, a museum or another fun place with a bunch of friends? It’s what the school holidays are all about!

There’s lots of activities to choose from

Kids often get bored when they are stuck at home during the holidays. There’s no time to be bored with a holiday program though because there’re so many activities to choose from. Dress-ups, construction, art and craft, cooking and sport are just some of the many activities that are typically on offer.

It’s all about them

School holiday programs are designed with kids in mind, and they know this. The activities are planned specifically because they are engaging and fun and are usually planned with the consultation of the children at the service too.

They experience challenges that build confidence

Children might be a little tired of schoolwork by the time the holidays roll around, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to learn new things. Holiday programs are the perfect place for kids to pick up new skills, be challenged in new ways and be risk-takers (while being supervised, of course). Most holiday programs offer incursions where experts come in to teach the children something new, or they may learn something new from a staff member or fellow student too.

There’re many reasons why kids love to attend holiday programs. There’re plenty of opportunities to be social and have fun – just what the holidays are supposed to be about.

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