100% Retention of Before and After Care Partnerships

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TeamKids is proud of the fact that since we’ve started operating before and after school care, we have retained 100% of our partnerships.

Here are the reasons why…


We build strong trust with our schools as they have the confidence that if an issue arises, they know we will proactively communicate, respond, resolve, and then learn to ensure that we get better.


From our Executive team at head office through to our educators, we value each member of staff. Our staff love working for us because we have fun together, we collaborate, we support and learn from one another and importantly we share the same vision for children in our care to have the best experience possible.


TeamKids partnerships are based on active communication, positive relationships and involvement in all school and community events.


We prioritise knowing each of our partnered schools intimately and have an outstanding Operations Team who work tirelessly to deliver upon all expectations of the children, parents, the school, and its Council. By focussing on a sustainable growth strategy and ensuring that each service is supported comprehensively, we are confident that all services maintain the highest possible standards.

Email or call us if you have any questions or feedback.

Phone: 1300 035 000

Email: info@teamkids.com.au

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